As independent producers, composers, educators, clinicians and established artists, Jaider de Oliveira and John Stefulj have been a leading duo for 15 years, entertaining and workshopping Brazilian music, with captivated audiences listening and dancing to the sound of their guitars, percussion and horns playing famous Brazilian standards and innovative originals.

An exciting, flamboyant and colourful presentation of sounds and music traditions of Brazil, Brazilia draws on ancient and contemporary rhythms and harmonies, including sambas, choro, olodum, baiao and North-Eastern rhythms, presenting bass lines with orchestral sounds and chords, to give harmony a new dimension combined with vocal percussion.

Brazilia uniquely engages the use of natural and electronic music (acoustic, percussion and electronic looping) to present an authentic background for each instrument (e.g., tamborim, whistles, berimbau, cavaquinho, surdo, cuica), creating a range of evocative atmospheres (e.g., Brazilian rainforest, Carnival) for listeners to appreciate the impact of cultural, spiritual, economic and historical influences on Brazil’s multicultural relationship to music.Brazilia offers the vitality of the samba, the exhuberance and colour of the Carnival, the smoothness of the Bossa Nova and contemporary Brazilian/African music blended with folk traditions.


“Promotional Video”






“Actual World”


“Wave on Streams”

6 Responses to About

  1. Luiz says:

    Excellent combination, pleasant to listen !

  2. Love the site, love the music!
    Fond memories of hearing you play at DM Bar!

  3. Hello John and Jaider ……..great stuff.

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